Padi Kaushik Reddy

With the polling just a few hours from now in Telangana, MLA candidates are leaving no stone unturned to influence the voters. In this case, there is one particular BRS MLA who is resorting to deep emotional blackmail and receiving flak for the same.

The said MLA is Padi Kaushik Reddy who is contesting from Huzurabad and taking on a strong candidate, Eatala Rajendar.

The other day, Kaushik Reddy said he will hold a winning rally on 4 December if he gets elected, or else there will be a sava yatra(cremation journey) for him and his family if he loses.

Today, Kaushik Reddy went a step further and released a video of him, his wife, and his girl child asking for votes. In the video, Kaushik says “This heart is tired of fighting for you. I lost in 2018 as well. You should save this heart this time by making me the MLA.”

His wife said “I am begging you all to vote for my husband. He will be there for you all if he wins as MLA.” His daughter said, “I am requesting you all to give one chance to my father as MLA”.

The fact that Kaushik has not just resorted the emotional blackmail himself but also got his family involved has drawn flak from netizens. The opinion on social media is that Kaushik should stop getting his family involved in this emotional drama for votes.