Telangana elections saga has come to an end with the two-time government-forming BRS sent packing. The Congress has been voted to power and the stage is set for a new CM, possibly Revanth Reddy to take charge.

Incidentally, there was one very interesting development that happened yesterday as Telangana voters showed their smarts.

It is known that KCR, Revanth Reddy, and Eatala Rajender contested in two constituencies each. KCR did from Gajwel and Kamareddy while Revanth Reddy who wanted to get one over KCR contested in Kamareddy apart from Kodangal. Eatala too wanted a piece of the action as he contested against KCR in Gajwel along with Huzurabad.

Had any of these three leaders won in two constituencies, they should’ve resigned from one constituent, according to the Election mandate. This would’ve meant more election drama and public money expenditure.

But Telangana votes acted really smartly and gave their verdict accordingly. KCR was defeated in Kamareddy and so was Revanth Reddy as giant killer Ramana Reddy(BJP) won from here. Eatala ended up losing both the seats. So, there is no need for by-election in Telangana now, a smart move indeed from the voters.