Telugu Desam Party -Chandrababu NaiduThe Backward Classes (BCs) are the biggest strength of the Telugu Desam Party since its inception. TDP has given political opportunities to many BC leaders from the grassroots to the Parliamentary level and so, the BCs have become a strong vote bank for the party.

Whenever the party lost an election, it is primarily due to losing a part of BCs support to the other party. It has happened in the 2019 elections as well. The party’s leadership seems to have realized that and started making amends. The other day, TDP has announced Four Lok Sabha Parliament Constituency Committees.

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The four constituencies of Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Araku, and Eluru have 133 members in the committees, and 86 of them are from the BCs. This amounts to 65%. The party is keen on replicating the formula in every other parliament constituency. The major task is to bring the BCs towards the party in Rayalaseema where the party suffered big time in 2019.

Also, it is important to finalize these committees for all the parliamentary constituencies as soon as possible so that leaders will be given a chance to start working for the 2024 elections.

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