It’s done. The long-lasting dream of Jana Sainiks and mega fans came true as Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan won the MLA seat in Pithapuram.

After losing both Gajuwaka and Bheemavaram seats in the 2019 General Elections, there were many doubts over Pawan Kalyan’s political career.

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However, he has risen from the ashes and fought like a warrior. He was constantly targeted by YCP leaders and their chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. Even then, Pawan didn’t turn his back.

During these elections, Pawan was one of the primary targets of Jagan. He fielded Kakinada MP Vanga Geetha against Pawan.

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He assigned the job of defeating Pawan Kalyan to YCP leader Midhun Reddy. Not only them but many other YCP leaders waged a verbal war against Pawan.

YCP also constantly targeted Pawan for his three marriages. They came up with a derogatory tagline saying “Moodu Pellillu Oddu…Moodu Rajadhanule Muddu.”

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On the penultimate day of campaigning, Jagan visited Pithapuram and Vanga Geetha tried to gain sympathy by shedding tears during that rally.

But none of these tactics worked against Pawan. He has beaten all the odds and became victorious in Pithapuram with a majority of 70,354 votes.

People’s mandate was clear and they didn’t fall for the manipulation of Pawan. TDP in-charge SVSN Varma’s support also immensely helped Pawan.

With this massive victory, Pawan became a nightmare for Jagan and his name will haunt the YCP chief for a long time.