Telangana Assembly Elections 2023 Results

Telangana Assembly elections polling will take place tomorrow. We are less than twenty four hours away. The intense campaign has ended and the parties are now focused on the last-minute electioneering.

The hard work the parties and the candidates put in the last two months will boil down to the electioneering that started since last night.

Cash flow is going to be the highest in this election ever since the state formation. As expected, the ruling party is leading in that while Congress is also trying to catch up.

The cost of vote is said to be the highest in Khammam district where BRS is registering very poor results so far. In one of the constituencies of Khammam, a candidate is said to have distributed 1000 Rupees per vote three days ago and is gearing up to distribute 3000 Rupees per vote tonight.

The average vote cost is 1,500 to 2,000 in most constituencies and is going up to 3,000 to 4,000 in a few high-profile constituencies. This is only cash. The average vote cost is much higher if we consider the liquor, gifts, and cost of campaign is included.

In some places instead of currency distribution, coupons are being distributed. They can be exchanged at pre-agreed shops, restuarants, etc for cash. That way there is no risk of money getting caught. The facilitating shops and restaurants are being 2-3% commission.

Similarly liquor and Biryani coupons are also being distributed.

Many candidates are arranging transportation from Hyderabad to the constituency for those working so as not to miss a single vote. There are instances where voters are being paid to and fro from states like Maharashtra, Odisha, and Gujarat.

Transportation is also being arranged from colonies to the Polling Stations as well.

In Urban constituencies especially the GHMC, the major issue is voters turnout that is lingering only in ~ 50%. The Election Commission declared a holiday on Thursday for the polling. The major challenge is with the people who take it as a long weekend without voting.

Especially there are instances of Andhra native voters having their votes here going to natives previously.

The Pre-poll Surveys confused people already with divided results. The Exit Polls are likely to be the same as well. The Exit Polls are allowed half an hour after polling concludes.

The suspense will be resolved only when the results will be out on December 3rd.

It has to be seen if KCR will create history by becoming the first Chief Minister in the South to score a hat-trick or if Congress will be able to stop him and win the state for the first time after the Telangana Formation. BJP will be hoping that there is a hung and it will emerge as a Kingmaker.