Shamila Avinash Reddy

In the 2019 election, YSR Congress carried the assembly win momentum in the parliamentary election as well and ended up sweeping 22 MP seats. But in a span of 5 years, things have gone south drastically.

According to the latest finding of Rise Survey Agency, which has quickly become an accurate indicator of the public’s pulse, YCP is in a spot of big bother.

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As reported by Rise survey, YCP is winning just 5 MP seats in this year’s elections. The 5 seats are Eluru, Kurnool, Rajampeta, Araku, and Tirupati.

Coming to the biggest stronghold of YCP, the Kadapa parliament segment, a tough fight is predicted here between Sharmila and Avinash. The cross voting that happened in favor of Sharmila is expected to work in favour of Sharmila this time around.

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YCP has quickly gone from boasting of 22 MP seats to being projected to win just 5 MP seats and moreover, in the position of being at risk of losing the stronghold Kadapa belt.