Bhavani BojjaA fund-raiser has been started for Bhavani Bojja, who died of trauma due to depression. She was found in a lake face-down in the water near Standley Lake in Westminster, Colorado, USA. While a witness called upon a park ranger, his timely help could not save her.

Bhavani was given CRP and taken to a hospital, where she breathed her last. Her mother’s deteriorating health added to her trauma, say those close to her. Bhavani is from Tamil Nadu and was a single-parent child. She has a younger sister and grew up with her mother, who had health conditions.

A student of the University of Central Missouri, Bhavani’s past life and the various hurdles she faced due to it were known to her friends. However, following the deterioration of her mother’s health condition, Bhavani slipped into further depression and took the critical decision to end her life.

Her friend Divya Gannamani has started a fund-raiser to collect funds for sending her body back to her place in Tamil Nadu and to help her family complete her last rites. The fund-raiser asked people to donate whatever they could as ‘every small donation’ mattered.