Telangana-IT-Sector-JobsNot many can debate the fact that Telangana has been witnessing a tremendous growth in infrastructure and IT sector of late. Here’s one such latest stat that proves this point right.

Telangana has seen a stunning 31.44% growth in the IT sector for the year 2022-23.

The exports from the Telangana IT sector is at a whopping Rs 2,41,275 crores which is one of the higher tallies in the country’s IT economy.

While India has created 2.9 lakh jobs in the IT sector in the aforementioned period, Telangana alone has constituted to 44% of it by creating 1.27 lakh new jobs in the IT sector.

Needless to say, the IT sector in Telangana, and particularly so in Hyderabad has been on a staggering rise. The stats instate the same.

There’s more to it, given that mega industries like Foxconn and Amar Raja batteries are set to open up their plants in Telangana in the due course.