Postal ballot voting

Telangana elections fever has hit a new peak with the leading political parties, BRS, BJP, and Congress leading the attack with an intense electioneering campaign.

Coming to the topic, the voting season has started today with the first vote being cast in Siddipet of Telangana. But don’t mistake it, it isn’t the regular voting that started today but instead the postal ballot voting.

Postal ballot voting is used to cast special votes, including those of senior citizens aged over 80, physically handicapped people, journalists, and other outgoing election duty government employees.

The first postal ballot was cast by an elderly woman in the Siddipet constituency of Telangana, as mentioned earlier. Her postal ballot vote was cast and then sealed in the special box procured by the Election Commission.

This postal ballot voting process will be taking place from today to the 29th of November. The process will be wrapped on 29 November, just a day before the regular polling. These postal ballot votes will be the first ones to be counted on the day of the counting – 3 December.