Jagan Vundavalli aruna kumarAndhra Pradesh Government employees are gearing up to serve the indefinite strike notice to the Government today. The strike is likely to begin from February 7th. Ahead of it, former MP Undavalli Arun Kumar released a press note to the employees asking them to reconsider in the wake of the pandemic and bad financial condition of the state and central governments.

But in the process, Undavalli also took a soft jibe against the Government. “The Government claims new PRC will inflict a burden of 10,247 Crore extra. But employees associations say we do not need new salaries, pay us the old salaries,” Undavalli mentioned.

“I have seen employees going on strike demanding salaries increase. This is the first time employees are going on a strike saying no to increased salaries,” Undavalli added. Undavalli did not say that because he did not understand it. He is indirectly hinting that the Government’s claims are wrong.

Who on earth will ask for old salaries when Government is hiking the salaries? That means the Government’s claims are not true.