Chandrababu NaiduThe arrest of Chandrababu Naidu has created ripples in the Telugu states politics. After grossly undermining the gravity of the issue, BRS top brass have started to react wisely.

In a public meeting today, Harish Rao has reacted on the arrest of CBN.

“Arresting Chandrababu Naidu was a very unfortunate incident. It isn’t right to treat a veteran leader like him in such a way.” Harish Rao stated.

The very same Harish Rao had recently stated that CBN arrest doesn’t have any impact in Telangana and termed it an issue in AP.

But now, amidst the growing agitation protesting the arrest of Chandrababu, he has reacted in a diplomatic manner. He made some morally right comments.

BRS had been taking a careless stance on the CBN arrest topic and they’ve now started to take a more responsible approach.