Vijayawada Railway StationThe 133-year-old Vijayawada A1 railway station has been put up for sale by the Central Government. The unofficial sale is happening in the name of Monetization. Not only the railway station, the monetization also includes the railway assets in the Vijayawada division.

Most importantly, the Satyanarayanapuram Railway Colony was also included in the list. The private sector was offered to use the goods sheds under the division as godowns. Workers in the division are staging protests following a call by leaders of the South Central Railway Mazdoor Union (SCRMU) against the Railway Board’s decision.

Narendra Modi Government is on a privatization spree in the name of monetization. Previously, the Central Government has called for tenders to monetize the same railway station but there has been no response. Fresh tenders were called making the tender terms more attractive to the private players.

The Central Government is also working on the privatization of Vijayawada Airport.