Vivekam, a movie claiming to be the Real Story behind YS Vivekananda Reddy’s Murder released on YouTube and is getting Millions of Views. YSR Congress was shaken by the movie and already approached the Election Commission of India to block the film.

Meanwhile, Viveka’s daughter, Sunitha responded about the film.

“I do not know if to call it a film or a documentary. I have no idea who made it or when they made it. Whoever made it, did it with lots of guts. There may be slight differences in personal issues but I was shaken to watch the last 30 minutes of the film,” Sunitha said.

“Unable to watch the climax, I had to close my eyes. But to talk in reality, the movie was shot very lightly. The reality is even more terrifying. I do not know how the people will respond to it but I was emotionally moved watching the film,” Sunitha added.

Sunitha challenged Jagan to come for an open debate on the case.

“If he can not talk to me directly, I will come to his Sakshi channel debate,” Sunitha challenged.

She also expressed her solidarity to YS Sharmila who is contesting for Kadapa Parliament.

“It is an emotional moment for me. My father was killed because he wanted Sharmila to contest for Kadapa Parliament. I was supposed to be there when she announce her candidature for Kadapa Parliament. But I had to be in court today. They filed a case on me saying that I and my husband are trying to influence the witnesses. I sought to quash the FIR,” Sunitha said.