YS Sharmila Tears

APCC president YS Sharmila had tears in her eyes while lamenting against the accusations made by her brother, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Speaking with the press in Kadapa today, Sharmila stated, “He (Jagan) has been telling everyone that I have been contesting in elections only for political benefits. Is he not the one who made me enter politics? Is he not the one who requested me to go on a padayatra for him when he was in jail?”

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Sharmila said that she left her family and went on a padayatra for thousands of kilometres, only for Jagan. She added that the whole YCP was behind her during that padayatra. “If I want political benefits, had I not lured all YCP leaders towards me back then?” she questioned.

Sharmila pointed out that many political leaders in the world come from the same family but work for different parties, only because of the difference in political ideologies.

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Sharmila got emotional while lashing out at Jagan. She said that if she wanted any political gain, she would’ve done it in YCP and not by joining any other party. She added that she had support from many leaders within YCP who wanted her to become the Kadapa MP.

“Do you really believe that I want political gains and financial gains? Don’t you agree that I worked for you relentlessly believing that you will bring back the welfare regime of YSR? I can solemnly swear on the Bible that I am not involved in politics for personal gain. Can you, in turn, swear on the Bible to prove my statement false?” she questioned Jagan.

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Sharmila further asserted that the YCP has engaged in extensive negative propaganda against her on social media, forgetting the fact that she is the daughter of YS Rajashekar Reddy. She questioned Jagan if this is how he treats his sister, who made significant sacrifices in the past to help him ascend to power.