Pawan Kalyan Harirama Jogaiah

Chegondi Hari Rama Jogaiah who was accused of siphoning Praja Rajyam funds in Palakollu resulting in Chiranjeevi‘s defeat is troubling Pawan Kalyan with letters.

Jogaiah is a self-proclaimed Kapu activist. Pawan Kalyan kept him at distance after Praja Rajyam defeat. But he reached out to him once due to Community Pressure.

Jogaiah is writing letters continuously dictating terms in Seat-Sharing, Power-Sharing, etc. The octogenarian already messed up by creating unreasonable expectations in the party cadre and supporters on this issue.

But Pawan Kalyan remained silent respecting Jogaiah’s age.

Only the other day, Pawan Kalyan asked the party leaders and supporters not to deviate from the party line and comment on Alliances and Seat-sharing.

But in a few hours after that, Jogaiah released a public letter announcing candidates for eight MP seats.

He suggested candidates for Vizianagaram, Anakapalli, Kakinada, Narsapuram, Machilipatnam, Tirupati, and Rajampet Parliament seats.

All these candidates belong to the Kapu community.

Opponents are mocking Janasena asking if Pawan Kalyan is the party president or if Jogaiah is.

Further, Jogaiah has been writing letters as if the Janasena party is completely limited to the Kapus. No political party claims to be limited to one caste.

Everyone’s votes are needed for a party to win. But Jogaiah, a senior political leader, has been writing letters as if the Janasena party belongs entirely to the Kapu caste. The Jana Sena party is in trouble because of his letters.