YSR Congress’s Manifesto is a huge upset for the candidates who are campaigning in the harsh summer.

Facing severe anti-incumbency, the candidates thought better schemes could steer them to safety as the YSR Congress has nothing but freebies to survive politically.

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But Jagan chose to only continue the old schemes. There are minimal increases in some schemes but even that is just numbers play without any real increase.

YSR Congress cadre and social media teams are putting up a brave face and throwing cover drives that Jagan Mohan Reddy can not promise something that he can not deliver.

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They are nicely packaging it with a caption – “Cheppindhi Chesthadu. Cheyyagalgindhe Chepthadu”.

They are claiming that Runa Mafi would have sealed the election in Jagan’s favor but he did not promise to keep his credibility.

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But that actual fact is different.

We have seen Jagan so hungry for power and he will do anything and everything to retain power.

With the type of Vendetta politics he unleashed, he can not even imagine the risk of losing power.

But the problem is there is an undercurrent disappointment in the people about Jagan’s delivery of freebies.

Jagan went back on the promises like complete prohibition and CPS canceling. The less we talk the better about the timely completion of crucial projects – one of the nine Navaratnalu. He is someone who will have no regrets and simply say they do not know the severity of what they promised and so could not do it.

Even after that, he will simply claim 99% fulfillment of the Manifesto.

Jagan promised an increase of pensions from 3,000 but later said he would do it in phases and carried out the drama until recently.

Out of the five installments of Amma Vodi, Jagan gave only four. Two thousand rupees were deducted in every installment in the name of sanitation and school maintenance charges.

The housing scheme is a big flop. The house sites resemble rivers when it rains and the majority of houses delivered were constructed during the TDP regime and repainted by Jagan.

Rythu Bharosa promise is reduced from 12,500 to 7,500 by including 6,000 Rupees from the Central Government.

There are intelligence reports for Jagan Mohan Reddy that people will not believe new schemes any further so decided to keep the manifesto simple.

Reliable sources in the YSR Congress say that Jagan desperately wants to give the Runa Mafi promise but he himself complicated it over the years saying it is not possible.

However, the morale of the cadre, leaders, and candidates is at an all-time low due to the manifesto.

Chandrababu’s Super Six is already far superior to Jagan’s Manifesto. The complete manifesto is coming tomorrow. If there are further fireworks, the problems of YSR Congress will compound.