TDP_MLC_Elections_2023Trends in Graduates’ MLC Elections are hinting at a change in AP politics. Telugu Desam Party’s victory is confirmed in two of the three seats (Uttarandhra and East Rayalaseema) and the party is fighting it out in the third seat (West Rayalaseema) and stands a decent chance.

MLC elections have happened for MLAs Quota, Local Bodies Quota, Teachers, and Graduates. It is YSR Congress all the way for obvious reasons in MLAs and Local Bodies quota. Teachers and Graduates are the common voters in this election.

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Communists are strong in Teachers’ MLC elections. The anti-government vote got split between the communists and TDP helping the ruling party.

So, considering all these factors, Graduates MLC Elections are the real referendum for the current government.

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TDP has staged a stunning comeback in the Graduates MLC Elections. It is evident that these results will show the mirror to the mood of the public right now in Andhra Pradesh and is a warning sign for YSR Congress.

Moreover, these results are from Uttarandhra and Rayalaseema indicating that there is no impact of the three capitals agenda and also, an indication that the ground is slippery for YSR Congress even in its strongest area – Rayalaseema.

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If Jagan can not read the writing on the wall, the fall will even be worse in the coming days. In politics, when there is a fall, it is not easy to arrest it. It will only keep going and going.