Telangana Public changed the Government for the first time after the state formation. Congress was given a chance and KCR who was a two-time Chief Minister has become the Former Chief Minister now.

BRS leaders were not expecting this mandate from the public and obviously, they were shellshocked.

The strategy of BRS leaders after the elections is very strange.

From the days of the agitation to the Election Results Day, KCR is always a private person.

He used to spend all of his time in the Farmhouse and getting his appointment is often difficult even for the MLAs and Party leaders.

After becoming the Chief Minister, it was the farmhouse earlier and later the Pragathi Bhavan.

Many even say that inaccessibility is one of the main reasons for KCR’s defeat.

But after the defeat, the strategy has changed.

KCR did not address the media after the results and sent KTR to do a Pressmeet. He rushed to the farmhouse vacating Pragathi Bhavan.

Once in the farmhouse, the strategy has become bizarre.

There is a continuous flow of videos of KCR flooding the media and social media.

For 2-3 days, we have seen KCR meeting people. BRS tried to give the impression people are throning in huge numbers and are giving the slogans ‘CM KCR’.

And then, KCR got injured and was advised of Hip replacement surgery.

There were multiple videos of KCR on the stretcher lying helplessly with a sad face. And latest video is KCR trying to walk using a walker.

KCR always gave the impression that he was a brave leader. He has got so many admirers due to that attitude. But these videos paint a picture that he has become weak and vulnerable after the defeat. The videos are like he is seeking sympathy from the people after the defeat.

Defeats are not anything new for KCR. Every time he was underestimated, he used to resign and go for by-elections. He even faced a fascist regime like YSR’s using the same strategy. If BRS wants to change that impression after this defeat, it will only backfire.

BRS will definitely face big challenges in the Opposition but seeking public sympathy will not help their cause in any way.