SC Voters

The Reddy Community along with the Dalits and Minorities form a strong vote bank for the YSR Congress. They were with Congress during YSR days and were shifted to YSR Congress after YSR’s death and the bifurcation.

Keeping aside the Reddys and the Minorities, Dalits lost so much under Jagan’s rule.

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All the funds meant for the SC Sub-plan were diverted to fund the freebies. All SC-specific schemes that usually help the needy Dalits were also removed.

The Constitution guarantees a fixed portion of funds only for the Dalits but the Jagan Government removed all of them.

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The atrocities towards Dalits also increased in the last five years.

For instance, MLC Anantha Babu killed a Dalit Driver and door-delivered to the victim’s family. Anantha Babu was arrested in the case and was out on bail.

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Back then, YSR Congress suspended him from the party but he is back to the party after the case was out of the Media radar.

Anantha Babu is participating in the Chief Minister’s Review meetings and campaigning for the party in East Godavari.

A Dalit, Janupalli Srinivas attacked Jagan with Kodi Kathi to ensure sympathy for the YSRCP Chief in the 2019 elections. But later, Jagan ensured that the young man rot in jail by not going to the court and not giving his statement.

Now, another MLC Thota Trimurthulu was awarded eighteen months in jail in the 1996 Siromundanam case of five Dalits.

Thota tortured five Dalits and insulted two by shaving their heads.

Thota is the YSR Congress candidate in Mandapeta. Going by the track record of taking Dalits lightly, Jagan is unlikely to change the candidate.

In Criminal cases, if the conviction is less than two years, there is no problem in contesting. But the Election Commission can bar candidates. In 1999, Bal Thackeray was barred from contesting for elections for six years for an inflammatory speech.

But it is too much to expect with the BJP maintaining good relations with the YSR Congress.

We will have to see what the Dalits across the state do!

This should be a burning topic at least in East Godavari given that all three incidents happened in the district.

According to the 2011 census, Schedule Caste (SC) constitutes 18.3% of the total population of East Godavari. The numbers would have increased even more after that. It will be easily more than 20%.

If there is no impact, the crimes against Dalits will be taken easily.