Naga babuThe other day, Nagababu held a meeting with Janasena leaders and active party workers of Tirupati, Srikalahasti, Chandragiri, GD Nellore, Satyavedu, and Madanapalle constituencies.

He asked the leaders not to speak anything against the alliance with TDP and urged them to work together to defeat the YSR Congress Government.

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Sakshi and Blue Media spun a story around this meeting.

They have cooked a story saying that Nagababu told Janasainiks that Pawan Kalyan is going to be the next Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and TDP has no other way anyway with Chandrababu Naidu in jail.

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“They also gave us assurance in private that Pawan Kalyan will be the Chief Minister. They have no other option with Chandrababu Naidu in jail. So, work hard with elections fast approaching,” Sakshi wrote saying Nagababu told in the meeting.

This seems to be a ploy to ensure friction between TDP and Janasena. The idea is to create issues between the cadre and the vote banks so that the vote transfer does not take place.

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YSR Congress from top to bottom including CM Jagan is shitting bricks fearing the impact of the alliance. So they would do everything to create differences. And for that propaganda, Nagababu is an easy pick.

Nagababu is always known for his thoughtless aggression. There is an impression that Nagababu is too much into caste. Before the 2019 elections, we have seen him target TDP and specifically Balakrishna making videos.

He always gave an impression as someone who hates the Kamma community and TDP. He was not with Pawan Kalyan when he lent support to TDP in 2014. Moreover, he does not give a thought when he is aggressive.

So even if he did not say this, it is easy for Blue Media to write something and pass on to the people as if he told them. Given the impression in the people and TDP supporters about him, many would even believe it.

So with Nagababu around, Blue Media’s propaganda will be easy. So, it is important for Pawan Kalyan to use him carefully, or else the damage to Janasena and the alliance as a whole will be immense.