YS Bhaskar ReddyThe CBI court has rejected the bail plea of Bhaskar Reddy in the YS Viveka murder case. The court agreed with the arguments put forth by Sunitha and the CBI, and based its decision on the merits of the case. The court emphasized that bail cannot be granted at this critical stage of the investigation. The CBI has claimed that Bhaskar Reddy played a crucial role in the conspiracy to kill Viveka.

During the court proceedings, the counsel representing the CBI presented a clear explanation of the implications of granting bail to Bhaskar Reddy. The court dismissed the bail petition considering the merits of the arguments put forth by the CBI and Sunitha. The CBI strongly opposed Bhaskar Reddy’s bail petition and requested the court to reject it.

In its affidavit, the CBI stated that both Bhaskar Reddy and his son played a significant role in the conspiracy and the destruction of evidence related to Viveka’s murder. The CBI also highlighted that when Bhaskar Reddy was arrested, his followers organized protest activities, indicating their strong influence and potential to intimidate witnesses.

The CBI reiterated that granting bail to the accused (referred to as A-7) at this critical stage of the investigation, which involves issues of widespread conspiracy and destruction of evidence, would harm the prosecution’s case.