YS Sunitha ReddyBefore the murder, it was known that YS Viveka had a daughter, but now those who did the murder understand that the daughter has so much courage. Sunitha Reddy, the daughter of YS Viveka, has been actively involved in the ongoing legal battle seeking justice for her father’s murder. She has successfully prevented Bhaskar Reddy, the father of Kadapa MP YS Avinash Reddy, from obtaining bail.

Despite facing opposition from Bhaskar Reddy and Avinash Reddy, Sunitha has stood her ground in seeking justice for her father. Sunitha’s fight for justice goes beyond the CBI investigation. She has actively participated in court hearings in the special CBI court, Telangana High Court, and the Supreme Court.

Despite the support her brother and the state government provide to the accused, Sunitha remains determined in her pursuit of justice. Her relentless efforts to fight for justice in her father’s murder case are commendable. Viveka’s murder case is considered unique in the history of the world.

While the accused and the state government enjoy significant support, Sunitha continues to fight tirelessly for justice. Despite the strong political influence of the YS family in Kadapa district, particularly in the Pulivendula area, Vivekananda Reddy and his daughter Sunitha have chosen a different path.

Sunitha has distanced herself from politics and pursued a career as a doctor. Avinash and Bhaskar Reddy have allegedly attempted to tarnish Viveka’s reputation by spreading stories of illicit relationships. Sunitha has consistently fought against these conspiratorial attempts and has actively participated in legal proceedings at the CBI Special Court, Telangana High Court, and Supreme Court. She has garnered support for the CBI’s arguments and remains steadfast despite facing various temptations and threats.