MP Avinash ReddyHere is a big development in YS Vivekananda Reddy‘s murder case. CBI had issued notices to Kadapa YSR Congress MP YS Avinash Reddy in connection to the case.

Avinash is one of the suspects named in this case by Viveka’s daughter Sunitha. His father Bhaskar Reddy is also named in the list. He was questioned earlier and the CBI inspected the residence and the surroundings of Bhaskar Reddy.

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This is the first time Avinash Reddy was summoned in this case. Sunitha previously mentioned in her statement to the CBI that Jagan is trying to save the MP.

“What will happen if you name Avinash in this case? At best, he will join BJP,” Jagan reportedly told Sunitha. Avinash was asked to come to CBI’s office in Hyderabad at 11 AM.

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We will have to see if there is any crucial development in this case.