YSR Congress's Faulty Argument Over AmaravatiSpeaking on this, Minister Kurasala Kannababu said, “TDP when in power has decided Amaravati as the capital. When TDP Government has the power to decide why YSRCP Government will not have the same power?”.

This is a silly argument. The High Court‘s interpretation is that ‘Once the Capital is decided – that means the seat of administration is decided by the Legislative Assembly and it cannot be undone as per AP reorganization Act’.

Even in layman’s terms, if YSRCP can change it today and TDP or some other party coming into power tomorrow can change it again. Judiciary naturally can not allow such haphazard decisions regarding something as crucial as capital.

This is something so simple for everyone to understand but it looks like YSR Congress leaders do not want to understand. Or probably they are high on the line that 151 seats will allow them to do anything and can not get over it.