Jr NTR Jagan Ysr Congress Fans Social MediaYoung Tiger NTR is always cornered when it comes to the issue of Politics. The latest is Jagan Mohan Reddy Government naming Vijayawada Parliamentary constituency as NTR district.

YSR Congress obviously has brought the issue to light to score brownie points with the Kamma community thereby hitting Telugu Desam Party morally and Politically. For this to happen, YSR Congress is expecting the support of Junior NTR.

They are hoping for NTR to thank the Chief Minister for making it happen.

But that would mean a big headache for NTR from the Nandamuri family and TDP. To corner NTR, YSR Congress social media teams are attacking the actor saying that he has no gratitude.

“You use your grandfather’s name for your career but you do not even care to respond when he is given the highest honor,” they are criticizing NTR.

But then, NTR is too clever to fall in this trap, fans believe.