YSR Congress Social Media PV Ramesh Chowdary.Former IAS Officer, PV Ramesh has resigned from Megha (MEIL) after he was pressured not to talk in a way that dilutes Chandrababu Naidu’s Skill Development case. There were reports that CID built the case mostly on Ramesh’s Note Files.

Ramesh in an interview said that he suspects CID of misusing his statement to corner the Former Chief Minister.

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Meanwhile, there is an orchestrated campaign to make PV Ramesh a Kamma!

YSR Congress Social Media teams and its favorable YouTube journalists started addressing him as PV Ramesh Chowdary.

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There is also so much of Search Volume for PV Ramesh‘s caste on Google.

But the fact is that PV Ramesh is a Dalit. The ‘Kamma’ campaign is orchestrated so as to cast aspirations on him.

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Meanwhile, PV Ramesh sent a message to the media that he will hold a Pressmeet on this issue. It was initially planned on September 11th but later informed the media that it had been postponed to the 12th. But the Pressmeet did not happen until now.