The Telangana election fair has concluded, and Revanth Reddy is poised to take oath as the second Chief Minister of Telangana. While all attention is on this development, the ruling YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh is internally concerned about a particular issue: the voting pattern in Kukatpally.

Despite major political parties in Andhra Pradesh opting to stay out of the Telangana elections, the Janasena party steadfastly contested in eight seats. Although it secured less than five thousand votes in seven seats, political analysts in Telangana were surprised to see it garnering 40 thousand votes in the Kukatpally constituency. This has now become a cause for concern for the YSRCP’s I-PAC team.

The reason for worry is the presence of the Kapu/Balija social group, which has settled from Andhra Pradesh in the Kukatpally constituency, constituting around 50 thousand votes. Jana Sena secured 40 thousand votes in this constituency, indicating that almost all the votes from this Andhra community were garnered by Jana Sena.

The I-PAC team, led by Prashant Kishore, has informed the YSRCP leadership that a similar voting pattern is likely to occur in nearly 60 constituencies dominated by Kapus in the 2024 elections in Andhra Pradesh. In response, the YCP leadership aims to strategize and prevent such a trend.