YSRCP-Guntur-MLA-Mohammad-Musthafa-ShaikYCP MLAs have been having a rather torrid time when stepping out for public meetings. Almost everywhere across Andhra Pradesh, they are met with public fuming and questioning. Here’s one such instance.

The YCP MLA in question this time around is Guntur North MLA, Musthafa who was greeted to a public backlash while he attended an inauguration ceremony in his constituency today.

When the locals suggested the MLA to arrange underground drainage rather than open drainage through canals, he started fuming on them.

“Don’t you want development? Do you know better than me? Your lives will be more miserable from now on.” The MLA reportedly told the public.

The public, who came there to convey there problems were shocked to see the MLA give them Saapams. They were reportedly saying that the MLA made so many promises before the election, but none of them were fulfilled after he was sent to the assembly.