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What Is the Film About?

Peddanna is about a village president who loves his sister very much. He is always by her side and makes sure there is no harm coming her way. What happens when she elopes from the marriage set by the brother? Where did she go and why? How the big brother takes care is the overall storyline?


Superstar Rajinikanth is in his elements and swag as usual. He goes through the proceedings clinically in his inimitable style. Everything that Rajinikanth does or everything that the latest filmmakers plan with him is an attempt to rekindle his vintage spirit instead of providing something new. It is the same here. We see an over the top, punch dialogue delivering and super fighting machine Rajinikanth in Peddana. He does everything with swag, but it is overdone and forgettable with no memorable exchanges.


Siva of Veeram, Vedalam, and Viswasam fame directs Peddanna. In Telugu, he has made Souryam and Daruvu long ago. He is a decent mass filmmaker, but the lack of originality in the stories is the problem.

In Peddanna, more than anything, it is the story that turns out to be a major problem. It is not just a hotchpotch of various masala films, but it is done from many decades-old movies. There is not even an iota of originality in the script. In a bid to bring back ‘vintage Rajini,’ Siva takes him decades back. It makes one wonder if he understood ‘vintage’ wrongly.

Even a lack of originality could be given a pass if the writing is excellent. But, Peddanna fails on that count as well. It is bland and silly with routine punches. The script makes the narrative utterly predictable from the start to the end.

The entire first half focuses on family-based entertainment. It is all set in a village where Rajinikanth is the present. The whole setting reminds one of the last films of Siva. However, Peddanna lacks the sharpness of the same and is overdone. It is as if the director is too awe of the Superstar to cut the proceedings when necessary. The scenes go on and on with silly rhetoric and fun.

Whether it is comedy or sentiment or action, the whole thing seems never-ending. Take the interval fight, for example. One would be mistaking it for a climax.

A small glimmer of hope is provided by the Keerthi Suresh track during the interval block. However, things soon take a routine turn post-intermission. What happens next is an over the top action version of Supergood Films sappy 90’s high melodramas. Whatever happens, there is Peddanna behind.

The extent of predictability on offer here is mindboggling. Not only the following sequence, one can even guess the dialogues coming miles away. The direct effect is felt on the runtime. It feels very excessive due to the proceedings. The length makes Peddanna feel like an eternity in cinemas.

The climax is a double dosage of action and emotion. It is loud and over the top like the rest and makes one want to get out as soon as possible. But, it still goes on and on.

Overall, Peddanna is a very formulaic and routine mass sentiment fare that is predictable and outdated from the word go. The biggest of names go through the motions providing no fun and vigour. It will be a favour to every Superstar fan if they forget the movie exists.

Others Artists?

There are a host of actors playing supporting parts in Peddanna. Nayanthara is the female lead among the various ladies. She has a fabulous screen presence and lights up the screen whenever she arrives. However, she is underutilised in the movie.

Keerthi Suresh is the real deal among the female leads. She plays the vital role of Rajinikanth’s sister in the movie. She is alright. There are no real highs emotionally from her, though. The loudness and overtly melodramatic approach take away the impact.

Among the rest, which includes Meena and Khushbu, they fail to make an impact. They are primarily used for entertainment purposes.

There are a host of villains in Peddanna. Jagapathi Babu stands out among them due to his getup, but it looks very odd on screen. Abhimanyu Singh is his typical self and wasted. Prakash Raj starts on a routine note and ends that way. The rest are comedians who do their usual.

Music and Other Departments?




Loud Melodrama

Over The Top Action Scenes

Predictable Story

Hackneyed Screenplay

Alternative Take

The film needed a modern twist to the old tale. It is something Siva has done previously but has forgotten entirely in Peddanna. The sister track could have taken a different turn, or the screenplay should have been tweaked to the modern sensibilities. Either of them could have made a difference.

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