Ayalaan Movie Review

Outdated Fantasy Fun


2h 35m, ‘U’ certified

Sivakarthikeyan-Ayalaan-Telugu-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Ayalaan’s story is simple and straightforward. A wealthy industrialist (Sharad Kelkar) aims to launch a project by extracting Nova gas, which can harm the environment and the world. The high-level plot of the movie revolves around how Sivakarthikeyan halts his mission with the help of an alien.


Sivakarthikeyan delivers a likable performance, even though there isn’t anything outstanding. In a brief scene where he needs to show his emotional side, he does it comfortably. More than his performance, his simple screen presence helps the simple plot to move forward.

Rakul Preet Singh plays the typical heroine role, without leaving a lasting impact in Ayalaan. We remember her when she appears on screen, but the moment is gone, and we forget her and the role.

Bhanupriya plays the mother role for Sivakarthikeyan, and she is utterly wasted. We will be puzzled about why she accepted such a role, or if her footage was edited out in the final version.

Sharad Kelkar plays the key role of the antagonist, but it strictly follows the template, and he never comes across as the deadly villain or the character needed to elevate the role.

Isha Koppikar gets decent screen time, but her acting and the way the role is written are both one-dimensional, appearing flat and artificial.


Ayalaan is directed by Ravikumar. R. He presents a pretty simple and straightforward script, tested and templated many times, but attempts to freshen it up with a sci-fi twist.

The first half kicks off with a brief exploration of organic farming, a touch of mother sentiment, and then immediately dives into the sci-fi narrative -introducing the villain, his plan, robots, politics, etc. However, the initial impression is that it seems interesting but has been done to death.

What works is the humor blended with the Alien and the protagonist Sivakarthikeyan’s character, along with the Alien scenes with the friends’ gang. Although nothing is out-of-the-roof comedy, it’s decent. it’s decent.

The love track feels like a forced addition to the proceedings, but overall, the vfx-coated routine plot makes up for a passable first half.

For the film to work, the second half of Ayalaan should deliver on multiple counts, utilizing the Alien angle and the common man. However, what we get is silly scenes, like Sharad Kelkar, who plays the corporate villain, talking about project pressure and a group of other suited board members threatening him—looks outright silly.

The story becomes stagnant and does not move, other than a few intermittent comedy scenes working here and there. The film starts to feel extremely long and tiring. Whatever ideas are attempted to generate comedy, they are very basic and may work for little kids.

By the time we get to the climax, the sci-fi newness or the appeal that should hold excitement is completely gone. The climax block is sure to make you yawn a few times; it just does not want to end.

The mother character played by Bhanupriya resurfaces in the rolling titles just to remind us that she signed this film.

Overall, Ayalaan has comedy that appeals to little kids, but for adults, a templated story, a done-to-death corporate villain, and a tiring second half make it a laid-back watch for home viewing.

Rakul-Preet-Singh-Ayalaan-Telugu-Movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors

Ayalaan has a few well-known supporting cast. Yogi Babu delivers his typical act; the comedy written for him is decent, even though nothing new. Others like Karunakaran, Bala Saravanan, and more do their job. Additionally, actors like Rahul Madhav, Ujjwal Chopra, etc. get some brief filler roles.

Music-Director-AR-RahmanMusic and Other Departments?

A R Rahman scored the music for Ayalaan, and it’s not a chartbuster audio, but the background score is also not impressive. Given the sci-fi backdrop, the score is extremely critical, but Rahman fails to make any impact, surprisingly.

Cinematography by Nirav Shah is alright. As it’s a film that is heavily dependent on CG work, the visuals never look stunning, but they aren’t disappointing either. Editing by Ruben isn’t impressive; certain portions of the film make you yawn.

Production quality by KJR Studios is adequate.


VFX work, but partially
Lightweight comedy
Sivakarthikeyan’s simple screen presence


VFX concept with a templated story
Flat and comical villain characters
Patchy mother sentiment
Second-half boredom

Alien-Ayalaan-Telugu-Movie-ReviewDid I Enjoy It?

Yes, certain parts of the film.

Will You Recommend It?

Yes, for a laid-back watch if you enjoy kids’ content.

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