Cinema Choopistha Maava ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Silly but fun.


“U/A” certified, 137 Mins.

Raj Tarun Cinema Choopistha Maava ReviewWhat is the film about?
Quality obsessed Somnath Chatterji (Rao Ramesh) wants nothing but the best for him and his daughter. How a good for nothing Kaththi (Raj Tharun) become his son in law is what the film is about.

How is Raj Tarun’s performance?
After quite a long gap by today’s standards actor Raj Tharun is seen in a new film. However there is not even a bit of change in his performance compared to his debut. If you have liked his act in Uyyala Jumpala chances are that you wouldn’t mind him here as well. It is true in the contrary too. Thanks to the long gap one doesn’t mind him in this outing but if he were to have releases back to back this act is easy to get on nerves.

Trinadharao Nakkina Cinema Choopistha Maava ReviewDirection By trinadharao Nakkina?
Trinadha Rao has an on and off career so far. He work has been inconsistent and much of it has to do with poor actor’s and acting. He has better cast here and it’s effects can be felt. There is a consistency in terms of performance but the problem here is the basic plot which is too simple.

The film moves on silly humor and a predictable conflict. We know how things are going to end but the director still manages to engage largely due to performances. The climax is nearly wrapped but logically and emotionally thinking it’s just ridiculous.

Avika Gor Cinema Choopistha Maava ReviewAvika Gor and other artists?
Avika Gor once again has a good character showing small variations. She easily outdoes hero when it comes to emotions. But it’s the chemistry they share that works here as well. Rao Ramesh is the main pillar of the film though, he is the anchor on which the entire plot rests and he makes it count. Among others there are number of comedians mostly seen in Jabardasth show. They perform the skits here too which clearly sticks out. Praveen is wasted.

Sekhar Chandra Cinema Choopistha Maava ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music by Sekhar Chandra is decent at best. Back music is comparatively better though the repetitiveness sets in soon. Cinematography considering the small scale of the film is fine. Editing is neat for most part. Dialogues are pretty good and a big mainstay for the film despite the omnipresent silliness.

Highlights Cinema Choopistha Maava ReviewHighlights?
Lead characters and performance.
Comedy in parts.

Lacks depth.
Jabardasth comedy skits.

Drawbacks Cinema Choopistha Maava ReviewAlternative Take
More effort should have been put on the basic conflict that has been very well established. Basically sticking to the plot and giving a proper end to Rao Ramesh’s conflict with hero with right emotional impact would make for a good alternative cinema.

Did I enjoy it?
In parts.

Will you recommend it?
With hesitation.

Cinema Choopistha Maava Review by Siddhartha