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Nani_Dasara_Movie_ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Set in Veerlapally, a small village in the nineties, Dasara’s story centres on Dharani (Nani), Vennela (Keerthy Suresh), and Suri (Dheekshit Shetty), childhood friends. Dharani loves Vennela, but she has Suri in her mind.

Meanwhile, people’s lives in Veerlapally revolve around Silk Bar and coal mining. What happens when local politics and love cross paths and give a shocking twist in Dharani’s life? The movie’s basic plot is how Dharani and Vennela find love with each other.


Nani is back on the big screen after Ante Sundaraniki. It shows how effortlessly he slips into different parts. His role in Dasara couldn’t have been any more contrasting.

From the first frame until the end, Nani stays in character and breathes it. He’s lucky it has a perfect mixture of action, comedy, and drama. He nails them all perfectly. The action blocks, whenever they appear, are done with superb intensity. The only problem here is that the character doesn’t get elevated to the next level despite all the positivity. It is a sincerely done part that deserves all the praise, but simultaneously it lacks the iconic appeal.

Keerthy Suresh, too goes for a drastic makeover with Dasara. She is also good and shares neat chemistry with Nani. She is integral to the narrative and does well whenever the opportunity arises.


Debutant Srikanth Odela directs Dasara. Coming from school of Sukumar, he has picked a raw and rustic tale and setting for his first attempt.

The immediate thing registering in everyone’s mind as Dasara begins is the village of Veerlapally. The people, their habits and daily lives are neatly presented. Srikanth Odela takes his time but ensures one is immersed in the world. It helps set Dasara apart from similar big-budgeted rugged attempts from Telugu cinema in recent years.

Dasara mainly focuses on the trio, Dharani, Vennela and Suri. Their journey involving friendship and love and the politics surrounding them constitute the narrative. The former consumes much of the movie’s first half, with short bursts of political drama related to local body elections etc., thrown in.

The interval is sure to come as a huge shocker to many. It isn’t something we usually see in Telugu cinema every day, hence the impact. The execution is slick, highlighting the craftsmanship of the newcomer director. It raises hopes for the second half big time.

Nothing changes in the second half, and we realise what the movie is truly about within the first fifteen minutes. A scene at that point reveals the critical elements related to the interval and ends the little suspense.

What follows is a drama related to Dharani and Vennela. There are no big surprises or twists or turns in the plot. The director focuses on their relationship. Here the screenplay is uneven, as some parts are outright boring. A good scene is followed by a few that lacks excitement. Finally, the whole drama is built towards the climax, which is thrillingly handled.

Overall, Dasara offers terrific visuals and performances that make it worth a watch. If you like raw and rustic dramas and don’t mind the pace and predictability, go ahead with Dasara.

Keerthy_Suresh_Dasara_Movie_ReviewPerformances by Others Actors

Dheekshith Shetty plays a vital role, easily becoming part of the trio along with Nani and Keerthy Suresh. He plays the aggressive heroic character neatly. Apart from them, the Malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko has a pivotal part. He is excellent when given the scope, but that is only in a few places. It makes one feel that his talent is not fully explored. Saikumar and Jhansi are adequately doing the usual supporting parts. However, Samudrakani is wasted in a role that seems chopped off on the editing table.

Music-Director-Santhosh-NarayananMusic and Other Departments?

Santhosh Narayanan composes for a direct Telugu film after a very long gap. He infuses life into the proceedings with his songs and background score. His unique sound is refreshing, adding a layer of freshness to the proceedings.

Technically Dasara is a superior product. The music director is one of the many components. Santhyan Sooryan’s cinematography is brilliant, capturing the rawness beautifully and in its full glory. It sets the tone ideally for things to take off. Naveen Nooli’s editing is neat. The writing is fine with the smaller moments shining, keeping the local sensibilities in mind. The action choreography is excellent, making the interval and climax stand out.


Interval and Climax
Emotional Blocks


Predictable Story
Slow Pace
Boring Moments At Times

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Dasara Movie Review by M9News

Final Report:
Dasara is a good one-time watch for the terrific technical work, authentic setting, solid performances from the lead cast, and a banger of an ending. On the flip side, story-wise, it lacks any surprise factor as it focuses more on drama and emotions.

— Chamkeela Angeelesi is picturized with so much love. It oozes in every frame of the montage song.

First Half Report:

Debutant Srikanth Odela successfully manages to immerse us in Veerlapalli on the big screen. It helps one glued to the proceedings.

Just when you think everything is normal, he stuns you with a slickly shot stunning interval. All eyes are now on the second half to see where Dasara heads and if it does to the next level.

— A simple yet very effective introduction for Natural Star Nani.

— Dasara begins in Veerlapalli. CM NTR calls for liquor prohibition. This affects Silk bar and the leadership in village.

Stay tuned for Dasara Review, USA Premiere Report.

Dasara Cast: Nani, KeerthySuresh

Directed by Srikanth Odela.
Music by Santhosh  Narayanan,
DOP by Sathyan Sooryan  ISC,
Editing by Navin Nooli,
Produced by Sudhakar Cherukuri On SLV Cinemas Banner.

Production Designer: Avinash Kolla
Stunts: Real Satish, Anbariv
Dialogues: Thota Srinivas
Writers: Jella Srinath, Arjuna Paturi, Vamsi Krishna P
Lyrics: Kasarla Shyam, Sreemani, Rahman, Gaddam Suresh
Choreographer: Prem Rakshith, Eshwar Penti
VFX Supervisor: Junaid
Sound Design: Suren G, S. Alagiakoothan
Direction Department – Rohith Raj Boddupalli, Ravi Kumar Uppala, Yeswanth Vittapu, Arjuna Paturi, Jella Srinath, Vamsi Krishna Pinnika, Ravi Gudelli, Ram Nadella, Pawan Kumar Lekkala, Madhukar Satla.

Dasara Movie Review by M9News