Gaandeevadhari Arjuna Review

Ghost Returns


U/A, 2h 17m

What Is the Film About?

Aditya Raj (Nassar) is a Central Minister with a death threat looming over him as he proceeds to the UN to submit a report that could end a big company. Arjun (Varun Tej) is appointed as his security to nullify the threats.

Who is trying to kill the Minister? What is his motive? Did Arjun save Aditya Raj and find out the culprits is the movie’s basic plot.


Varun Tej gets into action mode in Gandeevadhari Arjuna. It isn’t the mass variety but rather a slick action thriller modelled on the lines of Hollywood fares. The actor suits the part that makes him look physically fit and imposing.

However, besides the look, there is nothing in Gandeevadhari Arjuna. Varun Tej looks to be clinically checking all the boxes without any depth or impact. There are also romantic and dramatic angles in the character, but they don’t register as intended. Eventually, the movie turns out to be another outing without anything memorable for him.

Sakshi Vaidya is seen throughout the film but has nothing much to do. She looks good onscreen but doesn’t have the meat or elevate the stuff given to her to rise and register.


Praveen Sattaru of The Ghost fame directs Gandeevadhari Arjuna. It is his third outing on the trot that treads the action thriller genre. There are minor changes, but the larger framework remains the same.

The movie’s plot will be crystal clear if one has seen Gandeevadhari Arjuna’s trailer. There is a life threat to the Central Minister and the hero, his bodyguard cum security, has to stop it.

The story is wafer-thin, expectedly, but it is usually the case with such slick action thrillers. The idea here is to generate thrills via the action and provide a racy, edge-of-the-seat, propulsive action narrative. Unfortunately, despite working on three movies back to back, Praveen Sattaru fails to get a grasp on the momentum and energy related to an action spectacle that he attempts.

In fact, Praveen Sattaru has regressed in the action space over the last three outings, with the first attempt being the best and carrying the thrill associated with the genre. Gandeevadhari Arjuna doesn’t have anything going in its favour besides the visuals. Attempting to shoehorn a message into the space doesn’t change its fate. It only makes matters worse.

Right from the opening, it feels formulaic and derivative. It is as if the director follows a blueprint related to the genre and checks all the boxes in his screenplay. It is fine, but they appear lifeless and go through the motions. Nothing exciting happens until the interval block. There is some drama and intrigue here, but it is mainly elevated due to the lethargic proceedings before it.

Things don’t change post-interval as well. The action blocks get more space but miss the mark. They don’t have the fun or thrill necessary to hold the attention. The narrative moves from one location to another win, increasing difficulty level. But we never feel that mouting pressure or tension at all. The lacklustre action gets the blame whole and square here.

The climax doesn’t make any difference. It is only expected lines and gives the impression of a lengthy ordeal coming to an end rather than providing a thrill ride. The lack of twists and turns and a flat narrative

Overall, Gandeevadhari Arjuna is a typical action thriller, checking all the boxes associated with the genre. It’s devoid of twists and turns and proceeds flatly and boringly to a predictable end—a forgettable fare from Varun Tej again.

Performances by Others Actors

There are a few notable faces apart from the main leads, like Nassar, Vimala Raman, and Vinay Rai. Nassar goes about the proceedings in his usual style, showing experience. He fits the bill perfectly and carries the role effortlessly. Vimala Raman doesn’t have much to do in the flick and is mostly forgettable.

Vinay Rai, who has been impressive in Tamil cinema playing the villain roles, is seen in Gandeevadhari Arjun in a similar setting. Despite a good background and fitting his strength, the character fails to leave any impact. He goes through the motions of a menacing antagonist without any menace.

Abhinav Gomatam looks like he has walked out from Nikhil’s Spy sets. He plays a similar role here, which frankly doesn’t suit his strengths much. That he is getting repeated doing the same thing is a waste of his comic talents. Manish Chaudhary and Ravi Varma do the routine expected from them and such characters. The rest of the artists don’t have much to do.

Music and Other Departments?

Mickey J Mayer provides the music for the flick. The songs that are limited are forgettable. The background score doesn’t do justice to the action thriller’s scope. It follows a template pattern and is alright, at best.

Mukesh G’s cinematography is good. It helps the movie have a slick look like a proper actioner. Dharmendra Kakarala’s editing is okay. A sense of gripping narrative is missing, partly because of the direction. The writing is basic level and disappointing.




Formulaic boring Narrative

Lacklustre Drama

No Thrills Or Twists

Did I Enjoy It?


Will You Recommend It?


Gaandeevadhari Arjuna Movie Review by M9

Final Report:

Director Praveen Sattaru disappoints with no engaging drama or even mildly enjoyable action thrills. The film struggles due to the director’s unclear balance between stylish action and addressing a social issue. M9 review coming shortly.

First Half Report:

Gaandeevadhari Arjuna has a slow-paced and fairly ordinary first half, with not much happening, and the interval sets a goal for the second half. The movie needs a significant shift in the second half to engage the audience.

— Arjun Varma (Varun Tej) has taken on the responsibility of providing security for the high-risk target, Minister Nassar, in the beginning of the show Gaandeevadhari Arjuna. Stay tuned for the first half report.

Stay tuned for Gaandeevadhari Arjuna review, USA premiere report shortly.

Cast: Varun Tej, Sakshi Vaidya, Nassar, Vimala Raman, Vinay Rai, Narain, Roshini Prakash, Manish Chaudhari, Abhinav Gomatam

Written & Directed by: Praveen Sattaru

Presented by : Bapineedu.B
Banner : Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra
Produced by : BVSN PRASAD

Cinematography : Mukesh G (UK)
Art Director : Shiva Kamesh D
Production Designer : Avinash Kolla
Editing : Dharmendra Kakarala
Music by : Mickey J Meyer
UK Producer : : Yogesh Sudhakara