Gangs of Godavari Movie Review

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U/A, 2h 26m

vishwaksen-gangs-of-godavari-movie-reviewWhat Is the Film About?

Ratnam (Vishwak Sen) is an ordinary but over-ambitious guy. Gangs Of Godavari is the journey of Ratnam doing illegal activities to a powerful political guy facing the might of the local MLA.

The subplots involve a love track and marriage with Bujji (Neha Shetty) and a relationship with Anjali outside it. The movie’s overall story is about how the personal and professional life of Ratnam eventually ends which further includes a conflict with his gang members.


Vishwak Sen playing Ratnam gets a larger-than-life mass role. It is a big jump, and a heavy part for the actor considering his on-screen age and image. The result is it takes time to get used to the actor doing some of the stuff and mouthing the lines that are given to him.

The beginning which involves the rise of Ratnam is fine as it goes well with Vishwak Sen’s energy and natural attitude. However, it’s when the stakes rise and the character turns more powerful that the oddities creep up. Still, better writing would have helped the cause. The way it’s there now, one can appreciate the effort, but that’s about it.

Neha Shetty is the hero’s love interest which makes one naturally assume she has more presence, but this is not the case, especially in the movie’s first half. She is fine looks wise and is used adequately in a song and an emotional scene.

Anjali has a decent role when it comes to female presence in the movie. She plays a slum girl and does well in her part with a neat presence whenever she is around.


Krishna Chaitanya of Rowdy Fellow and Chal Mohan Ranga fame directs Gangs Of Godavari. It’s clear as daylight looking at the setting that the director is back to his Rowdy Fellow roots with the movie.

Gangs Of Godavari opens on an exciting note where we literally go through the gang and slowly rise among the ranks of our lead Ratnam. The setting and events instantly hook us and make us look forward to the protagonist’s journey.

However, the problem with Gangs Of Godavari too is immediately seen as the world expands. Ratnam’s ascent to power follows all the predictable beats seen in such flicks. Only the backdrop here is different.

The trickery and small-level politics done to get to the goal of becoming a powerful person give a done-to-death vibe and lack the excitement visible during the opening segment.

More than anything, we get an immature vibe throughout the portions. The drama that is so necessary to hold the attention lacks any meat. There is hardly any challenge to the hero who just zooms past all the obstacles coming his way. The culmination with ‘that’ slap moment, giving an unintentional chuckle doesn’t really come as a surprise.

The narrative feels extremely stretched with lots of cinematic liberties to show the hero’s rise. There are hardly any twists and turns in the proceedings to make one glued. No wonder an hour feels like an eternity as we move towards the interval.

The narrative takes a bigger dramatic turn post-intervel. A lot is happening with very little that’s impactful.

Again, the biggest issue is Ratnam’s journey who is now a father of two kids, an MLA who’s won an election and then lost another. A guy who is now hated by all the people who are supposed to be on his side. There is so much content, but we feel nothing.

The narrative moves from one plot point to another covering a vast character arc. He goes from a boisterous and ambitious youngster to a mature old man who realised and regrets it. It’s a wonderful arc to leave a strong mark, but the depth is missing. We only get cursory glimpses of the events in Ratnam’s life, but never share his emotion or pain.

The ending after all that’s happened is alright. But, as said previously it comes more as a relief to the viewer than to the character. It’s that boring.

Overall, “Gangs of Godavari” is a missed opportunity. It boasts excellent visuals, setting, and background music (BGM), but it falters due to weak writing, execution, and a lack of half-decent drama to sustain the momentum.

nehashetty-gangs-of-godavari-movie-reviewPerformances by Others Actors

The supporting cast comprises a mix of known and unknown for the Telugu audience. They do their job as expected. However, Goparaju Ramana is a clear miscast among them. It’s a casting against type, and a bold choice, but doesn’t work. Hyper Aadhi, Praveen and others are okay.

music-director-yuvan-shankar-rajaMusic and Other Departments?

Yuvan Shankar Raja is back to Telugu cinema after a long gap. He does a fine job. A song is nice and there is an intensity in BGM at places that works well. Anith Madhadi’s cinematography is neat. The Godavari locations add to the movie’s appeal. Navin Nooli’s editing is alright. The writing is a mixed bag with most things ending in a dissatisfaction level. Only a few dialogues work.

The production values by Sithara Entertainments look really good, and at no point do we feel like there is any compromise.


Vishwak Sen’s effort

A couple of mass action scenes

Rustic ambiance, camera, and art work

Background music (BGM)


Weak drama and Incoherent story

Too much buildup without proper setup

Patchy heroine track

Miscast, weak villain

anjali-gangs-of-godavari-movie-reviewDid I Enjoy It?


Will You Recommend It?


Gangs of Godavari Movie Review by M9

Final Report:

Gangs of Godavari is a complete misfire in crucial areas such as drama and character arcs. Overall, it lacks a cohesive and convincing narrative, although a couple of action sequences are solid.

First Half Report:

The setup looks good, and the first action block is solid, but the drama isn’t coming through at all, which is crucial. The second half needs to raise the bar significantly to compensate.

Gangs of Godavari started with Vishwak’s voiceover about the violence in Lanka, followed by his flashback. Stay tuned for the first half report.

Stay tuned for Gangs of Godavari movie Review and USA Premiere Report.

Vishwak Sen’s Gangs of Godavari is coming at a time when audiences are craving entertainment after the heated elections. The trailer caught attention, raising interest in the film. The casting, along with the technicians and the production house, has raised hopes for the film. We will have to see what director Krishna Chaitanya has delivered.

Cast: Vishwak Sen, Neha Sshetty, Anjali

Director: Krishna Chaitanya

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Editing: Navin Nooli
Director of Photography: Anith Madhadi
Co-Producers: Venkat Upputuri & Gopi Chand Innamuri
Sound Design: Sync Cinema
DI: Deccan Dreams

Producers: Suryadevara Naga Vamsi & Sai Soujanya
Banners: Sithara Entertainments & Fortune Four Cinemas
Presenter: Srikara Studios

U.S. Distributor: Radhakrishna Entertainments

Gangs of Godavari Movie Review by M9