luckunnodu ReviewBOTTOM LINE
No Luck For Luckunnodu.


‘U/A’ Certified, 117 mins.

Manchu-VishnuWhat is the film about?
Lucky Manchu Vishnu) is deemed unlucky by his father at every turn of his life. How Lucky changes that perception and wins the love of his father is what the film is all about.

How is Manchu Vishnu’s performance?
Manchu Vishnu by now seems to be well aware of his strength and weaknesses and this is another film that is modeled keeping all those in mind. The actor just walks through the film without doing anything taxing. He tries various weird ways of pronouncing words and some work and many don’t. There is nothing to do dramatically. In terms of fights, he is fine mostly but appears very stiff at times.

director-rajkiranDirection By Rajkiran??
Raja Kiran did deliver a successful film Geethanjali in the past. It’s immediate follow up Tripura had good comedy in parts thanks to Sapthagiri but he failed to execute an interesting story in an engaging way. Here in Luckunnodu there is no interesting story to begin with.

The good luck and bad luck concept is literally what the film is filled with. It goes on and on till the interval block. There are bits and pieces of comedy which do work but by and large, it’s extremely silly and repetitive stuff. After the interval one expects things to pick up a bit on story front but nothing happens once again. Thus time even the little bit of comedy also fails. The climax is as predictable and corny as it comes. Overall the film is a terrible waste of resources and time.

Hansika-MotwaniHansika and others?
Hansika overacts as per requirement. She looks glamorous and goes largely missing in the second half. Jayaprakash is wasted. Prabhas Sreenu is fine and so is Vennela Kishore. Satyam Rajesh does nothing. There are few more known faces but they don’t get anything to impress.

music-directorMusic and other departments?
Music for the film provided by Achu Rajamani is below par barring one song. The background score is forgettable. PG Vinda has not lived up to his reputation. Editing is okay. Dialogues gets irritating due to unnecessary rhyming.

Few comedy scenes

Second Half

Posani-Krishna-MuraliAlternative Take
Just like done to death stories this is also something that has been said countless times. Films like these require sharp comedy blocks cover the flaws and weaknesses. Couple of such hilarious blocks in second half would have made people think this as a passable venture.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Luckunnodu Movie Review by Siddhartha