Comedy saves from horror show

“A” certified 145 Minutes

So_So Rating

What is “Geetanjali” about?
Geethanjali is the story of a ghost and how it takes revenge. It is a revenge story but as the words on the poster scream, it is narrated with lots of comedy.

Anjali and others?
Anjali plays the title role in the film and her presence is felt throughout the film even though she is is not actively visible in film in terms of screen time. She shows good variations too towards the end. Apart from heroine the film comprises of multiple comedians like Madhu, Satyam Rajesh, Shankar, Ali, Sapthagiri and Brahmanandam etc. They all do competent job. No one tries to overdo the other and everyone gels in well like a unit and deliver performances well as a group. Rao Ramesh gets to do a different character in the film and he makes the character work.

Direction by Raj Kiran?
Like the film we reviewed earlier today, here too director makes a commendable debut. He executes the story that is given to him in the best and simplest way possible. The gags are pull off with a good care and energy. There is a constant and free flowing narrative that only stagnates during the second half when script wise things get extremely predictable. He has managed all the comedians well too. With a better script and screenplay, the director can surely create bigger impact.

How is Srinivas Reddy’s performance?

Srinivas Reddy has been a severely underrated comic actor for a long time. In whatever little opportunities he had got in the past he has shined. In Geethanjali he gets to do a comic performance right from the start till the end. He has done a decent job with it.

Praveen Lakkaraju and others?
The film contains very few songs, most of which are placed perfectly so as not to create any trouble while narration. The coffee song for example could have been avoided. But the songs aren’t that good to begin with which is the downside. Background music is good. Cinematography and editing are slick. Dialogues are funny consistently.

Clean comedy

Thin story-line
Predictable twists
Pre climax

Alternative Take:
The creative team behind the film has taken a safe approach with the flashback of the film. And the way things proceed after its revealed do remind us of certain Bollywood film. Had the team come up with something fresh in the second half and maintained the suspense till the end, Geethanjali would have ended up as a much better film that what it is as of now.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?
Yes, but be warned of predictability.


So_So Rating

Reviewed by Siddhartha