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Packs Solid Punch, Emotionally!


U/A, 2h 22m

vijay-sethupathi-maharaja-movie-reviewWhat Is the Film About?

Maharaja (Vijay Sethupathi) is a normal guy working as a barber in a saloon. He has a daughter, Jyothi, and lives happily with her and Lakshmi.

One night Maharaja is attacked and robbed and Lakshmi is taken. Who or what is Lakshmi? What happens when Maharaja goes to the police station to file a complaint and is dedicated to its finding is the movie’s basic story.


Vijay Sethupathi starts in his usual style and then explodes in between, both as an action hero and performer and then, again retreats to the calm self in the end. For his 50th outing, he has no doubt picked a solid role and delivers.

Sethupathi goes about calmly and intensely for most of the proceedings in his style. There is no comedy here and it’s a no-nonsense character done by the actor. He doesn’t deviate from it and delivers in the high moments as required. Once again, the director effectively uses his physicality here. All in all, it’s a sublime outing for the actor’s fans.


Nithilan Saminathan writes and directs Maharaja. It is an action drama with a strong emotional core at its centre.

Maharaja starts very normally, but nothing can be more deceptive than that. More on that later, though. The initial run time establishes the protagonist’s world and various relationships. It is the usual, but we see glimpses of the hero’s might and resolve in these.

The movie takes off when Maharaja enters the police station to file a complaint. It is regarding the missing of Lakshmi. The narrative establishes why it’s important, clearly, still a sense of silliness is felt mainly because of the way the proceedings take place during these blocks. It brings us to another important point related to the tone.

The initial hour gives the impression of a simple slice of life kind tale with an innocent yet honest person at the core of the drama. It is occasionally punctuated by more routine commercial bits, but by and large, the tone gives that simple vibe. The middle portions run in a thriller mode whereas the final hour is like a regular commercial drama with a few twists thrown in.

The bottom line here is there is unevenness when it comes to the tone. The interval block with the action sequence looks straight out of a big commercial fare. A shift in tone can’t be more drastic than this. However, the screenplay and gripping narrative always hold the interest, and make one look forward to the second half.

As things resume post – intermission it is again the screenplay with a gripping narrative that shines the most. The proceedings stagnate a little, but the crucial pieces related to the core conflict of the movie are delivered here. As mentioned previously, the deceptively simple things take a new meaning during the second half when further details are revealed. These small revelations via the screenplay is where Maharaja scores.

The final hour or so stretch is superb even if one can see the twists (or not). The thrills and drama are packed neatly with a racy screenplay to boot. The pre-climax emotional moments and the climax twist will surely make the hearts heavy. Everything wraps up neatly, and despite the heaviness, a satisfactory feeling is felt while leaving.

There are issues with the movie, no doubt. The problem is at the script level itself and the choices made by the director on paper. Some crucial moments occur out of sheer coincidence. Now, these wouldn’t be a problem generally, but, here, if one removes them, there is no story at all. They are purposefully put to take the story forward conveniently. It takes off the sheen a bit when thought about in the end. These are still nit-picking as the movie provides a solid ride until the end.

Overall, Maharaja starts on a simple-looking note and gets better and stronger as the narrative progresses. The screenplay with its smooth silky twists does the trick making what is a regular drama (in the end), gripping and engaging. If you like action dramas with solid work all around, watch it.

abhirami-maharaja-movie-reviewPerformances by Others Actors

Many actors are seen in the movie. They can be divided into three segments. The first one is the personal world of the lead. The second is the police investigating the case, and the third is related to the criminals. Among them, the set playing the police and criminals is easily more impressive.

Anurag Kashyap playing the antagonist does his part well. The dubbing is a little off initially, especially looking at his personality, but it settles down eventually. Nataraj does well as the cop along with Aruldoss and Munishkanth. Then there are Manikandan, Vinod Sagar and Singampuli who are all effective in their parts with one of them ending up surprising. Among the ladies, Abhirami has a better role comparatively and is fine. Mamta Mohandas is alright.

music-director-ajaneesh-loknathMusic and Other Departments?

B Ajaneesh Loknath delivers yet again with a swift background score. It helps in adding to the racy feel of the narrative as much as the screenplay. The rest of the technical team too is strong with neat cinematography and sharp editing. The writing is decent throughout.



Vijay Sethupathi



Ending Hour


Too Convenient Happenings

Uneven Tone At Times

Some Drag Initially (At The Start, After Interval)

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