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nara-rohith-prathinidhi-2-movie-reviewWhat Is the Film About?

Chay (Nara Rohit) is a fearless freelance journalist. A former journalist (Uday Bhanu) returns from US and sets up a News Channel and makes him the Channel CEO. Chay creates a Sensation with the Channel with fearless interviews and Breaking News. One day, the channel reports the Bomb Blast at the CM Prajapathi’s Camp office. The rest of the story is all about who is behind the bomb blast and how Chay is connected to the blast.


Nara Rohit has come back to the Big Screen after five years. Rohit has got a beautiful voice which makes dialogue delivery very appealing. It worked very well in the monologue just before the interval. He has a keen and sharp look which helps very much in serious episodes. There are quite a few of them in the film. On the flipside, he must work on his fitness. The problems due to the weight are clearly visible. He is not agile because of that. He struggled a lot in the first song as a result.

Sachin Kedkar is good in the role of the Chief Minister. Jishu Sen Gupta is ineffective in a poorly-written role. Ajay Ghosh and Prudhvi have got loud and routine characters. Dinesh Tej is okay as the CM’s son. Ajay has a little role as Political Strategist Prabhat Mishra and is at his usual self. Uday Bhanu, Tanikella Bharani and Sree (formerly a hero) have got small roles without any depth. Indraja is seen in a blink and miss role. The heroine’s character is also very limited.


Prathinidhi 2 is the second part of the successful film of Nara Rohit that came almost decade ago. The second part has Popular Journalist TV5 Murthy make his directional debut. The combination of Rohit and Murthy gave rise to doubts if Prathinidhi 2 is a propaganda film. Moreover, the timing of the release gave rise to more doubts.

Firstly, Prathinidhi 2 is not remotely a propaganda film. There are only a couple of dialogues that relates to AP politics and they are already in the trailers.

There are people who call the film is about YSR’s death but it is a far-fetched conclusion and it is very tough to relate. Only character that has a political resemblance is that of Political Strategist Prabhat Mishra. The name resembles to that of Prashant Kishor’s.

Coming to the movie, the major issue is with the debut director. Prathinidhi 2 sounds more like a social commentary than a film. The first half feels like a badly made documentary about a honest journalist. The ‘Bharateeyudu Thatha’ episode, interview episode and Narasimha Cheekati Konalu episodes were supposed to be the major highlights of the film to feel the high but they feel very artificial and devoid of logic. They do not organically blend to the proceedings. It is like three or four scenes are stitched improperly without proper coherence.

That’s the reason why we do not connect to the protagonist’s character which was supposed to be heroic. Rohit’s Monologue about the importance of vote is good but the way how it is told it increases the voting to 98% makes it silly. The interval arrives with the bomb blast.

The twist in the initial portion of the second half may work to some people. Once it is revealed, the CBI enters and the entire investigation process is a boring farce. We get to see the face-off between the CBI officer and a journalist.

ajay-prathinidhi-2-movie-reviewThe Journalist played by the hero obviously gets an upper hand but then, the episodes require some sharp writing to make it believable. But we only get some silly logics in the name of twists. The director as a real-life journalist should have known the CBI procedures. He can easily bring to the table something which we normally do not know. But it was a complete mishap with poor, amateurish, and illogical writing.

Even though not a propaganda film, it is common to expect some political satirical dialogues from Nara Rohit. But even those are not present. The way the Prabhat Mishra track (Prashant Kishor-resembling track) and the final closing twist about Prathinidhi-3 are even more tragic.

There are two commercial songs – one in the first half and another in the second half which are criminal.

Overall, Prathinidhi 2 is a disappointing comeback film for Nara Rohit. It has more to do with the lack of grip in the directorial department than anything else from a debut director. It is neither a propaganda film nor a half-decent political thriller.

music-director-mahati-swara-sagarMusic and Other Departments?

The flaws of the writing and direction of Director Murthy were already discussed. Prathinidhi-2 does not make a significant mark in the other departments as well. Mahathi Swara Sagar’s songs are ineffective. Probably, a song by Ram Miryala disappointed for the first time. The background score is routine but works at some places and feels loud at some other places. The camera work is alright suiting the film budget. The smoke fight in the second half is good. There are some serious editing problems but again the director’s issues added to the Editor’s woes.


The Monologue about Vote

The twist


Poor Writing and Execution by the Director

Boring first half

Logicless second half

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