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Kiran-Abbavaram-RulesRanjann-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Rules Ranjann is about how Manoranjan (Kiran Abbavaram) falls in love with Sana (Neha Shetty) in Mumbai, experiences a brief gap in their relationship, and ultimately convinces her family to get married. That’s what the story is all about.


Kiran Abbavaram, portraying the character of Manoranjan, delivers a performance that blends honesty and naivety, which suits him perfectly. The role doesn’t require heavy emotions or larger-than-life actions, and Kiran does his best to convey convincing body language. However, the writing doesn’t offer much for him, making it a forgettable role.

Neha Shetty, the hot youth sensation, plays Sana but doesn’t have much to do in this role. Her character lacks both youth appeal and any significant scope for her to showcase her skills. While she delivers what she is offered, in the end, she hardly leaves a lasting impression.


Rathinam Krishna writes and directs ‘Rules Ranjann,’ opting for a core plot that is extremely predictable and features an outdated love story.

The beginning of ‘Rules Ranjann’ starts in a Mumbai software setup, initially offering some potential for freshness, but the director fails to capitalize on it. He attempts to provide some justification for the title ‘Rules Ranjann’ in the first half-hour but quickly transitions into a well-worn, routine love track.

The first half of the film majorly follows two threads (Love and comedy) with limited characters. The director struggles to introduce unique character traits through the lead character, ‘Rules Ranjann.’ While Vennela Kishore’s comedy track offers some adult humor, it lacks freshness. The love track, which dominates most of the first half, is neither entertaining nor engaging. The interval twist also fails to generate curiosity for the second half.

The second half of the film shifts from the city to a village setup, introducing three comedians: Hyper Aadi, Viva Harsha, and Sudarshan. Here, the writing and presentation are the major culprits. While their comedy appears more outdated than that of TV serials, the entire village setup gives an old-fashioned vibe to the proceedings.

Surprisingly, a film that focuses on a love track in its first half and interval significantly sidelines the heroine from the start of the second half. At one point, it may seem as if she is completely absent from the film.

The climax episode is executed like a TV soap, and it seems that the director doesn’t want it to end at all. The melodrama unfolding at the wedding venue, with bride-swapping, the dialogues, and farcical comedy, makes the audience look for an exit.

By the time we see the happy “go-home” end title card, one might wonder how the entire film lacks a single genuine block, whether it’s in comedy or emotion.

Overall, ‘Rules Ranjann’ breaks no rules to bring anything fresh; instead, it offers a dated love story and extremely outdated comedy, with a climax reminiscent of a TV soap opera.

Neha-Shetty-RulesRanjann-Movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors

The first half of the film features limited actors, with Vennela Kishore attempting adult comedy, but achieving only partial success. In the second half, three comedians – Hyper Aadi, Viva Harsha, and Sudarshan – join as friends, but their friendship track feels outdated to the core, and the dialogues written for them are more in line with TV serial standards. Among the other actors, Goparaju Ramana’s potential is wasted, while Ajay and Subbaraju, in their limited roles, perform their duties.

Music-Director-AmrishMusic and Other Departments?

Amrish delivered a chart-buster song, ‘Sammohanuda,’ which is the highlight of this film. However, none of the other songs leave an impression on-screen; they simply come and go, and the background score lacks connection.

Rules Ranjann’ suffers from subpar visual quality that doesn’t meet current cinematography standards, giving the film a low-budget appearance. The editing could have been sharper, and while the writing has its moments, it fails to leave an impact.


Sammohanuda Song

Few Dialogues


Oudated Core Plot

Outdated Comedy

TV serial-style episodes

Boring Narration

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Final Report:

Rules Ranjann features a worn-out love story in which the heroine is absent for a significant portion of the second half. The comedy, too, feels outdated, making it a forgettable experience.

First Half Report:

In the first half of ‘Rules Ranjann,’ there isn’t much happening apart from cliché comedy and an okayish love track. The second half needs to make a significant compensation.

— Rules Ranjann show started with Manorajan moving to Mumbai for his job, despite not knowing Hindi. Stay tuned for first half report.

Stay tuned for Rules Ranjann Review, US Premiere Report.

CAST – Kiran Abbavaram, Neha Shetty, Meher Chahal, Vennela Kishore, Subbaraju, Hyper Aadhi, Viva Harsha, Annu Kapoor, Ajay, Atul Parchure, Vijay Patkar, Makarand Deshpande, Nellore Sudarshan, Goparaju Ramana, Abhimanyu Singh, Siddharth Sen

D.O.P – Dulip Kumar M.S
Co-Producer – Rinkhu Kukreja
Art – Sudheer Macharla
Choreography – Sirish Kumar
Styling – Harshitha Thota
Costume Designer – Aruna Sree Sukala
Co- Director – Ranganath Kuppa