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Karishma-Tanna-Scoop-Series-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Scoop’s story focuses on Jagruthi Pathak (Karisma Tanna), Deputy Bureau Chief of Eastern Page newspaper. What happens when she is accused of conspiring in the murder of a fellow journalist Jaideb Sen (Prosenjit Chatterjee), from another publisher is the series’s core plot.


Karisma Tanna shines the brightest in the series, offering her an author-backed role with a character arc of a lifetime. The graph from the confident, urban working woman to the dejected and all-hope-losing one is excellently portrayed. Many moments highlight the actor’s impact as a solid performer, but the ones towards the end are what is etched in the memory.

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub has a supporting role, but its importance to the narrative raises its stature. The actors playing an ideal, truth-seeking, fact-sticking journalist at the heart get the sincerity aspect right. The honesty shines through, elevating his act in the process.


Hansal Mehta of Scam 1992 fame creates and directs Scoop. It is based on the book Behind Bars In Byculla: My Days In Prison by Jigna Vora.

When the various departments like writing, acting, and execution come together well, you know instantly that something special might be in store with huge potential. It happens within the first episode of Scoop, and things never slip until the end.

Scoop demands attention and grabs it from the start. The initial portions are a little muddled, with too many names, characters coming in and subplots, which also demand attention. However, once one is cued in, there is no looking back.

The setting of media is nothing new, and so is the plot of media – the establishment nexus. There have been many such series and movies in the past. What makes Scoop stand out among them is the sharpness via the writing, casting and performances.

The different worlds literally come to life with the brilliant yet understated performances of various actors. The drama is presented engagingly and explored fully without going too much into the emotionally manipulative zone. It is a quality that the director has exhibited in the past and continues here as well.

The different subtexts related to the story at hand are what make Scoop special. The difference between ambitious women in a space going to the top and the same with men reaching the higher ranks is the best of the lot. The character assassination the former goes through is real and relatable without going overboard.

The biggest draw is the main protagonist, Jagruthi Pathak and her journey. From the working woman, a symbol of pride and hard work in her field, to the pits she is made to fall by the system is effectively presented. The tamasha (entertainment) that is made by the same system turning her into a scapegoat, and the harrowing experiences, as a result, all are turned into a compelling drama that leaves a solid impact.

The final episodes are where the real meat of the series lies, where the focus is on the leading character and her trial in court. The scenes within and outside the court all add to leave a powerful impact toward the end. Some sequences are a bit overdone, but it all adds up to give the perfect climax. The final few moments are bound to make one emotional.

Overall, Scoop is a limited series that hits the right notes more often than not. Impactful performances, an authentic vibe and setting and an emotional end, make for a powerful drama. If you like hard-hitting dramas based on real life, it is a must-watch.

Mohammed-Zeeshan-Ayyub-Scoop-Series-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors

The casting of the series is terrific. There are unique worlds like the media, the police, the family, and the jail. They are all neatly cast, and everyone chips in with an act that registers. Harman Baweja is a surprise. His long absence from the screen and physical change also adds to the appeal. Prosenjit Chatterjee shines in a brief role. Deven Bhojani, seen in a significant role in a prominent series, easily holds his end as an endearing family member. The actors playing the police and the other family members are also good. The rest of the cast, like Tanmay Dhanania, Inayat Sood, the lawyers, jail mates etc., all have moments to shine and make their parts memorable.

Music and Other Departments?

Achint Thakkar’s music and background score goes well with the mood of the series. The latter especially keeps the energy flowing right through, keeping in tune with the serious tone. The editing feels a little iffy initially, especially when introducing the various characters from different worlds, but it is fine in the series’ second half. The writing is excellent and one of the reasons to get instantly hooked on the proceedings despite the issues.


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