Harish Rao is often called the “Troubleshooter” of the BRS party, given his ability to save the party from difficult situations. Still, he is ignored by the BRS chief K. Chandrashekar Rao. When Harish succeeds in a mission, KCR takes the credit and when Harish fails, he becomes the scapegoat.

Today, the members of the Assembly discussed the Krishna Water Basin issue and the Krishna River Management Board (KRMB). BRS achieved the state with the motto, “Neellu-Nidhulu-Niyamakalu.” Both KCR and KTR brag about this statement in their speeches. Today, when the assembly decided to debate the topic of “Neellu”, the father-son duo decided to stay mum.

While KCR skipped the assembly session, KTR remained silent throughout the debate. It was Harish Rao who single-handledly tried to address all allegations made by Congress ministers. Harish Rao was the Irrigation Minister from 2014-18. He was the one who played a crucial role in the construction of the Kaleshwaram Project. But KCR took the credit when it was done.

On top of that, KCR took over the Irrigation Ministry when BRS came into power for the second time in 2018. So, when Congress is scrutinizing the irrigation loopholes in the BRS government, both Harish and KCR are equally accountable and they need to answer the allegations.

However, as always, KCR decided not to attend the debate and thus, Harish had to carry the entire burden today in the assembly. Even after doing all this, he may not get any credit from KCR and KTR. Meanwhile, we have to see what KCR has to say about the allegations made by the Congress government over the Krishna water dispute in the meeting which will be held at Nalgonda tomorrow.