An activist from Telangana has put up a temple dedicated to Chief Minister KCR for sale, citing lack of recognition within the party and financial losses suffered. The incident involving the arrangement to sell the temple and a statue of KCR in Dandepalli, Mancherial district, has caused a stir.

Gunda Ravinder, a Telangana movement activist, previously involved in cases supporting the state, expressed disappointment for not receiving recognition or benefits post the state’s formation. Ravinder, inspired by late Prof. Jayashankar, had installed KCR’s statue and built a marble temple out of his own funds to honor the leader.

Feeling overlooked by the local MLA and the government, he regrets not benefiting from the state’s ambitions. Ravinder seeks support from interested parties to purchase the KCR temple idol, aiming to recover from financial setbacks endured during his activism for Telangana’s cause.