In every election, major political parties often overlook independent candidates due to their lack of financial resources and support, creating a perception that they can’t compete. These independents, seen as having minimal impact, are, however, posing a growing threat to big parties like BRS, Congress, and BJP.

Despite the intense campaigning by major parties in the upcoming elections, independent candidates continue to be marginalized. Yet, these underestimated candidates are gaining significance and challenging the prospects of big party nominees in specific areas. During the last assembly elections, while major national parties collectively secured 38.45% of the votes, independents played a pivotal role in altering the election outcomes in certain constituencies.

In Telangana’s 119 Assembly constituencies, the presence of numerous candidates from smaller parties and independents is causing concern among both national and regional parties, including BJP and Congress. A staggering total of 2290 candidates are contesting this election, with BRS leading in all seats and other parties like Congress, BJP, and BSP aiming to secure positions. The political landscape also sees BJP contesting in 111 seats, with its ally Jana Sena Party in 8 constituencies and an additional BJP candidate remaining after withdrawals.