Global Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s kids, Aryan, Suhana, and Abram, are super popular. They’ve been in the spotlight since childhood. But, being famous also means facing social media trolling and scrutiny.

In yesterday’s IPL game, Suhana was at the stadium with her friend Ananya Panday, rooting for her dad’s team, Kolkata Knight Riders, against Lucknow Super Giants.

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Some trolls just for the sake of some likes, comments, and visibility targeted Suhana once again for her dark color. She was standing beside Ananya who is quite fair and one troll used that screenshot and edited it with a caption like before and after applying a fairness cream ad.

It’s shameful and disheartening because, as Indians, we’re all brown-skinned – our melanin defines us. Hating on our own people just shows insecurity. If society or even our families have convinced anyone that beauty is only fair skin, that’s just wrong.

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