Adult ContentThe Kerala High Court recently ruled that watching pornographic material in private, without sharing it publicly, is not a legal offense.

The court stressed personal choice and privacy rights while dismissing a case against a man caught viewing such content on his phone in a public place. This ruling essentially means that individuals can privately watch explicit content without fear of legal repercussions as long as they don’t try to share it with others.

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In simpler terms, the court said it’s okay for people to keep their adult content preferences private. They’re free to watch whatever they like as long as they don’t show it to anyone else in a public setting.

The court also warned parents about giving internet-accessible phones to children without supervision, highlighting the potential risks of unsupervised access to explicit material.

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Taking a satirical perspective, one might ponder what would have happened if the court had declared watching pornography as an offense. It raises the humorous notion of potentially imprisoning most of the Indian population.