T20 WC India Matches

With India qualifying for the Super 8 stage of the ongoing ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, the advertising frenzy is in full swing. Brands are competing fiercely to secure ad slots for India’s key matches, with some willing to pay nearly 200% premium for these coveted spots.

Industry experts reveal that about 70% of ad inventory is typically sold at the start of such tournaments. The remaining 15% is strategically held back and sold later at a high premium, which can range from 50% to 200% of the average rates. The exact premium depends on the opponents India is playing.

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For instance, the India-Pakistan match commanded a 200% premium, and similar rates are expected for a potential India-Australia clash.

Television’s extensive reach makes it an attractive platform for brands, especially Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, leading to a substantial increase in demand for ad slots.

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New sponsors from diverse categories such as mutual funds, paints, e-commerce, OTT platforms, and automobiles have joined the fray.

India’s performance so far has been strong, with two matches scheduled in the Super 8 stage over four days to secure a semi-final spot.

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While the Super 8 stage generates significant interest, budget constraints following the IPL and elections might affect ad spending.

However, with India expected to reach the finals, a surge in last-minute ad buys is anticipated for the concluding matches.