The general elections in France have brought a mix of hope, anguish and rampant destruction to the French cities and no single party managed to win the majority. The scenes from Paris of the night after election results present a very concerning image that raises questions on the state of law enforcement in the country.

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The left wing alliance NFP, turned out to be the largest party and the far right, who were predicted to be winning, slipped to the third spot. The results were celebrated and protested at the same time and many protesters took to the streets of Paris to show their anger at this mandate.

Videos are circulating on the internet in which it can be seen how extensively public property has been damaged. It’s not only the protesters against the result creating a ruckus on the streets. The left wing supporters were also on the street celebrating the victory and causing damage to property.

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France is reeling under tremendous pressure to contain the law and order situation in the country. It is ideologically divided and Macron needs to form a government soon to settle the unrest. The nature of this government would be very interesting to observe as the left wing alliance promised to undo many of Macron’s decisions.

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