Deadly Fate Of Americans

Americans are already quite infamous for their alleged involvement in politics of other countries. It is no wonder many small countries are always suspicious of Americans in their country. Congo has accused three Americans of being involved in a failed coup attempt which was stopped by the military of the country.

The Democratic Republic of Congo recently faced a coup attempt which resulted in deaths of multiple people. It was led by a group of 50 people which included three Americans. All three Americans have been arrested.

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The American nationals involved in the coup can be seen in a viral video. Passport of one of them who hails from Maryland has gone viral on the internet. The future of these arrested Americans is in danger as they face risk of torture or even death.

The involvement of the Americans in the coup has also been acknowledged by the U ambassador to Congo. The coup was allegedly led by Christian Malanga who is a US based Congolese politician.

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The video has raised concerns about the Americans but it undermines the fact that the coup resulted in the death of many innocent people.

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