Donald Trump Campaign

If you think that the US presidential elections can’t get anymore ugly, the presidential candidates are always there to prove you wrong. From ageism to personal attacks involving sexual lives of the opponent, they have spared nothing and it is unlikely it is going to get any gentle. Donald Trump was recently heard saying a few nasty things about Joe Biden at a golf course and the video of the incident is going viral.

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Donald Trump can be heard calling Biden a “broken down pile of cr*p”. He was claiming that he defeated Biden in the first presidential debate. He also took credit for the rumors of Biden stepping down from the race. Trump’s attacks were not limited to Biden and he also attacked Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris is considered to be the top contender if Biden decides to quit. Donald Trump was heard claiming that he made Biden quit and now he is going to face Kamala Harris. Trump called her bad and pathetic.

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The way this election campaign is going ahead has become a matter of shame for the Americans. The spectacle of two very old politicians hurling personal abuses at each other rather than discussing the road map ahead is proof that American democracy has been reduced to a mere show.

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