US Woman Jailed

Indians have been facing racial abuse in the US for a very long time. We reported one such incident in 2022.

In August 2022, a disturbing incident unfolded in Plano, Texas, when Esmeralda Upton verbally attacked and assaulted four Indian American women outside Sixty Vines restaurant.

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Esmeralda Upton walked up to them and yelled, “I hate you fu*king Indians. We don’t want you here.” She also called them “curry ass bitches” and kept insulting them. Upton then physically attacked three of the women and threatened to shoot them.

Despite the women’s attempts to make her stop, Esmeralda Upton shouted, “Go back to India… If things are so great in your country, then stay there!”

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Fortunately, the police arrived in time to intervene and diffuse the situation. The incident, captured on video, went viral and sparked outrage worldwide.

Now, nearly two years later, Esmeralda, aged 59, has been sentenced to 40 days in jail by a county court. She pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including assault and making terroristic threats with hate-crime enhancements.

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As part of a plea deal, Esmeralda Upton will serve her sentence on weekends starting July 19, with a warning that failure to comply could lead to consecutive jail time.